Where Quality Is A Tradition

Thank you for choosing Mountainside Wood Products! Since 2001, we have provided quality products and services to the kitchen cabinet industry.

​ We have found the adage “experience is the best teacher”, to be true. Through the years of experience, MWP has gained an extensive wealth of knowledge, which puts us on the leading edge of our industry. While understanding your current needs, we strive to be aware and adapt to the ever-changing needs of each customer.

​ At the heart of every successful company is a professional team. MWP is able to tap into a labor market where pride in craftsmanship and quality runs deep. It is only with a team such as ours, that we consistently able to provide the quality products you have come to expect.

In addition to manufacturing standard mortise and tenon doors, we also offer drawer fronts, mitered doors, face frames, wainscot and many other custom made items. Mountainside Wood Products is nestled in the heart of an excellent hardwood region, which accordingly has a labor force already skilled in woodworking. Our craftsmen meticulously inspect each piece throughout the entire manufacturing process, from dimensioning to assembly, to final inspection and shipping.

In a world of big business and merging corporations, Mountainside Wood Products wants to be a company with emphasis on values. We take honesty, quality, commitment and dependabiltiy very seriously. We are committed to providing the best products available in the industry.

​ With many years of experience in the cabinet manufacturing industry, the owners and managers of Mountainside Wood Products are well qualified to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s custom cabinet shops.

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